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Fall 2002

Wednesday, September 18: SEDAP seminar, Prof. Lowenstein (Haifa) Israel, Topic: "Intergenerational Family Relations and Social Support in a Comparative Perspective: The OASIS Project and Care Networks in Israel"

Saturday, September 21/Sunday September 22: Conference in honour of Yorgo Papageorgiou
Contact: Jack Leach

THURDSAY, September 26: 11:30-12:20 in Student Centre 311/313, Jean-Paul Lam (Bank of Canada and McMaster Ph.D. alumnus) Topic: The Bank of Canada's recruitment program. Host: Mike Veall

Wednesday, October 2: Andrew Clarke (McMaster) Topic: Organisational Capital and Plant Productivity

Friday, October 4: Brad Ruffle (Ben-Gurion University, Economics) Topic: Do Religious Observance and Ritual Promote Intra-group Cooperation? Field Experiments on Israeli Religious and Secular Kibbutzim
(with Richard H. Sosis, University of Connecticut, Anthropology) Host: Andy Muller

Wednesday, October 9: Jane Stewart, Minister, Human Resources Development Canada ** note unusual time: 7:30 pm Gilmour Hall 111 Topic: TBA Host: McMaster Economics Society.

Friday, October 11: Curtis Eaton (University of Calgary) Topic: The Evolution of Preferences and Competiton: A Rationalization of Veblen's Theory of Invidious Comparisons. Host: Andy Muller

Wednesday, October 16: Malick Souare (McMaster) Topic: The Effects of Payroll Taxes in a Labor Market with Unemployment and Unsatisfied Demand for Labor.

Wednesday, October 16: The 2002 Labelle Lecture HSC-1A1...3:00 pm to 4:30 Mark Sculpher, Director, Programme for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment Centre for Health Economics, University of York, UK "Assessing health technologies: Should Canada take the NICE path?" With a discussion by: James Brophy, M.D., McGill University, Canada

THURSDAY, October 17: 1:30-3:30 University Centre, room 311. Hilary Wainwright, Center for Labour Studies, University of Manchester. Jack and Kay Graham Memorial Speaker (joint with Labour Studies). Topic: Global to Local: Rethinking Democracy.

Wednesday, October 23: Marie Drolet (Statistics Canada) Topic: Overview of research on the WES, and Do high performance work organizations pay higher wages? Host: Tom Crossley

Friday, October 25: Peter Kuhn (UC Santa Barbara) Topic: Leadership Skills and Wages Host: Tom Crossley

Wednesday, October 30: René Morissette (Statistics Canada) Topic: Do Teamwork and Job Rotation Reduce Quit Rates? Host: Tom Crossley

Friday, November 1: Jennifer Stewart (McMaster) Topic: Family Income and Children's Outcomes

Wednesday, November 6: James Bruce (McMaster) Topic: Learning Algorithms and Competitive Equilibria in Information-Poor Environments

THURSDAY, November 7: 4:30-5:30pm, Gilmour Hall 111 **NOTE UNUSUAL DATE, TIME AND PLACE
Kevin Lynch, Deputy Minister of Finance, Canada Topic: Making Progress in an Uncertain World
Host: McMaster Economics Society

Friday, November 8: The seminar will be a four-person tag-team presentation titled "Evolutionary psychologists meet economists". The team will be Pat Barclay, Martin Daly, Lisa DeBruine, and Margo Wilson. Host: Stuart Mestelman

Wednesday, November 13:12:30-1:30 Topic: Centre for Student Development - Disability Services: Policy and Information on Accommodations of Students with Disabilities. Host: Stuart Mestelman

Friday, November 15: John Ham (Ohio State) Topic: Matching and Selection Estimates of the Effect of Migration on Wages for Young Men. Host: Tom Crossley

Wednesday, November 20: Tony Wirjanto (Waterloo) Topic: Higher-order Approximations to One Factor Model of the Short Rates Hosts: Marc-André Letendre and Tom Crossley

Friday, November 22: Phil Oreopoulos (University of Toronto) Topic: Do Dropouts Drop out too soon? Evidence from Changes in School-Leaving laws. Host: Martin Dooley

Friday, November 29: Michel Normandin (HEC) Topic: Monetary Policy Shocks: Testing Identification Conditions Under Time-Varying Conditional Volatility. Host: Marc-André Letendre

Wednesday, December 4: Yuri Ostrovsky Topic: A Dynamic Model of the Residential Mobility of Older Canadian Households." Host: Tom Crossley

THURSDAY, December 5: Craig Brett (Mount Allison) **NOTE unusual day ** at 3pm and in KTH 334 Topic: Nonlinear Taxes for Spatially Mobile Workers. Hosts: Tom Crossley and Kate Cuff


Winter 2003

Wednesday, January 15 - Friday, January 17th. 6th World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital and Innovation, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada see worldcongress for details.

Tuesday, January 21st. Adriana Kugler (Berkeley, Pompeu Fabra) KTH 334 4:30-6:00
Hiring Seminar, Field: Labour Topic: "Employment Consequences of Restrictive Permanent Contracts: Evidence from Spanish Labor Market Reforms."
Hosts: Les Robb and Tom Crossley

Thursday, January 23rd. Licun Xue (Montreal, Aarhus) University Centre rm 318 -- 10:00 to 11:30 am.
Hiring Seminar, Field: Micro Theory Topic: "Merger Profitability and Uncertain Efficiency Gains."
Hosts: Les Robb and Tom Crossley

Mark Stabile (University Toronto) will be visiting on January 24th as part of the Merck Frosst Distinguished Speaker Series in Health Economics.
Mark's seminar will be held in MGD-505 at 3:00pm. Topic: "Impacts of Private Insurance on Health Care Utilization."

Monday, January 27th. Till Van Wachter (Berkeley). 4:30pm in KTH 334. Hiring Seminar, Field: Labour.
Topic:"In the Right Place at the Wrong Time - The Role of Firms and Luck in Young Workers' Careers."
Hosts: Les Robb and Tom Crossley

Tuesday, January 28th. Jack Robles (Colorado). 2:30 in KTH 334. Hiring Seminar, Field: Micro Theory.
Topic: "The Evolution of Contracts and Property Rights." Hosts: Les Robb and Tom Crossley

Wednesday, January 29th, 3:30pm in KTH 334: Ted Bergstrom (UC Santa Barbara). Topic: "Angels or Pigs? Evolution, Group Selection, and Individual Selection." Hosts: Mike Veall and Tom Crossley

Friday, January 31st. Young Kyu Moh (Ohio State). KTH 334 at 3pm. Hiring Seminar, Field: Macro.
Topic: "Exchange Rate Dynamics in a Continuous-Time Model of Uncovered Interest Parity and the Regulated Jump-Diffusion Interest Differential." Hosts: Les Robb and Tom Crossley

Monday, February 3rd. KTH 334. 4:30-6pm. Elizabeth U. Cascio, (University of California at Berkeley)
Hiring Seminar, Field: Labour Topic: "Schooling Attainment and the Introduction of Kindergartens in the South."
Hosts: Tom Crossley and Les Robb

Wednesday, February 5th. KTH 709. 3:30-5pm. David Bjerk (University of Wisconsin). Hiring Seminar,
Field: public economics/experimental Topic: "Making the Crime Fit the Penalty: The Role of Prosecutorial Discretion Under Mandatory Minimum Sentencing." Hosts: Tom Crossley and Les Robb

Thursday February 6th. MGD 505. 3-4:30pm. Laurent Cellarier, (University of Southern California).
Hiring Seminar, Field: Macro Topic: "Learning Equilibria in a Productive Economy."
Hosts: Tom Crossley and Les Robb

Monday, February 10th. 4:30-6pm, KTH 334. Claus C. Portner, Copenhagen and Georgetown University Topic: "Birth Order and the Intrahousehold Allocation of Time and Education." Hosts: Tom Crossley and Les Robb

Wednesday, February 12th, 3:30pm-5-pm, KTH 709. Alok Kumar, Queen's University Topic: "Inflation and the Dispersion of Real Wages." Hosts: Tom Crossley and Les Robb

Friday, February 28th, 3:40pm, KTH 334. (**Note the unusual time). Tony Wirjanto (University of Waterloo). Topic: "Efficiency Gains from Combining Moment Conditions." Host: Tom Crossley

Tuesday, March 4th, 3-4:30pm, KTH 334. Anne Piehl, Harvard University Topic: "Testing for Structural Breaks in the Evaluation of Programs." Hosts: Tom Crossley and Les Robb

Wednesday, March 5th, 3:30-5pm, TSH-530 *Note unusual room.** Job Candidate Seungjin Han, University of Toronto. Topic: "Pre-Contractual Investment Competition in a Large Matching Market."
Hosts: Tom Crossley and Les Robb

Friday, March 7th, 3:00pm, KTH 334. Michael Baker (University of Toronto). Topic: "The Married Widow: Marriage Penalties Matter!" Host: Tom Crossley

Monday, March 10th, 4:30pm, KTH 334. Gillian Hamilton. (University of Toronto) Topic: "Survival of the Fittest? Human Capital and Selection in the Malthusian Economy." Host: Tom Crossley

Wednesday, March 12th, 12:30pm, KTH 334. Emmanuelle Pierard (McMaster PhD Candidate - 799 presentation) Topic: "The effect of provincial health care expenditures on health status in the National Population Health Survey." Host: Tom Crossley

Wednesday, March 26th. KTH 334, 12:30pm Daniel S. Hamermesh (Centennial Professor of Economics at University of Texas at Austin, and 2003 Hooker Visiting Professor in Economics at McMaster) Topic: "How the Economics Profession Works."
Host: Tom Crossley

Thursday, March 27th. MGD 505, 3pm. PUBLIC LECTURE Daniel S. Hamermesh (Centennial Professor of Economics at University of Texas at Austin, and 2003 Hooker Visiting Professor in Economics at McMaster) Topic: "The Economics of Beauty."
Hosts: Tom Crossley, the McMaster Economics Society

Friday, March 28th. KTH 334, 3pm. Daniel S. Hamermesh (Centennial Professor of Economics at University of Texas at Austin, and 2003 Hooker Visiting Professor in Economics at McMaster) Topic: "Stressed Out on Four Continents: Time Crunch or Yuppie Kvetch?" Host: Tom Crossley

Wednesday, April 9th, 12:30-1:30, KTH 334. Barb Bloemhof (McMaster PhD Candidate - 799 Workshop) Topic: "Canvassing for Customers: A Posted-Offer Experiment." Host: Tom Crossley

April 10-11: SEDAP Conference on "Moving Towards and Older Society". Key speakers include James Banks (University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies), John Myles (University of Toronto and Statistics Canada), Rejean Hebert (Institute of Aging, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and University of Sherbrooke), James Smith (Rand), Alan Walker (Sheffield and ESRC), John Ermisch (Essex) and Peter Hicks (Policy Research Initiative). Details are available

Tuesday, April 22nd, 12:30pm, KTH 709. John Fountain (Canterbury) Topic: "Eliciting beliefs from risk averse agents using the log scoring rule." Host: Andy Muller

Wednesday, April 23rd, 12:30pm, KTH 334. Sonia Bhalotra (Bristol) Topic: "Sibling Death Clustering in India: Genuine Scarring vs Unobserved Heterogeneity" Host: Alok Johri

Wedneday, May 7th, 12:30-1:30, KTH 334. Deborah Cobb-Clark (Australian National University) Topic: "A Couples-based Approach to the Problem of Workless Families: Results from a Randomized Experiment."
Host: Tom Crossley

Wednesday May 14th, KTH 334, Marie Rekkas (SFU) Topic: The Impact of Campaign Spending on Votes in Multiparty Elections. Host: Abigail Payne


Summer 2003

Wednesday, June 4th, KTH 334, 12:30-1:30pm. Jeremy Lise, Queen's University Topic: Equilibrium Policy Experiments and the Evaluation of Social Programs. (with Shannon Seitz and Jeff Smith). Host: Tom Crossley

Thursday, June 5th, 3pm. KTH 334. Chris Telmer, Carnegie-Mellon University Topic: TBA Host: Tom Crossley

Friday, June 13th, 12:30-13:30, KTH 334. Martin Dooley, McMaster University. Topic: "Testing the Good Mother Hypothesis: Does the Source of Income Matter for Children's Outcomes?" Host: Tom Crossley

Wednesday, June 18th KTH 334, 12:30pm. Vinh Dang, McMaster (799 Workshop) Title: The 1997-8 East Asian Currency Crisis, Financial Linkages and the Monetary Policy of Japan Host: Tom Crossley