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Fall 2000

Wednesday, September 20 Wendy Morrison (Nottingham) "Expected Utility and the Endowment Effect"
Hosts: Stuart Mestelman and Mike Veall

Friday, September 22 Deborah Cobb-Clark (Australian National University) "Old Age Support in Indonesia: Labor Supply, Intergenerational Transfers and Living Arrangements" (joint department/CILN/SEDAP seminar) Host: Mike Veall

September 24 & 25, TravelLodge Hotel Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Third Major CILN Conference on Labour Market Institutions and Outcomes.
Information is available on the web site for CILN Conferences and Workshops.
Contact: Steve Jones

Friday, September 29 Tomas Philipson, University of Chicago Merck Frosst Distinguished Speaker Series in Health Economics (joint dept./CHEPA). 3:00-4:30 in MGD-505 "Paternalism & Government Intervention: Public Finance in Reverse" Host: Paul Grootendorst

Saturday, September 30-Sunday, October 1 at University of Guelph meetings of Canadian Econometric Study Group, details at:

Wednesday, October 4 Rick Harris (Simon Fraser) The first talk will be in the regular lunchtime workshop (12:30-1:20 in KTH 334). The second talk is presented by the Undergraduate Economics Society and will be at 4:30 in TSH-B106 and will be followed by free pizza and pop. All are welcome to both talks. The topic of the first talk is TBA. The topic of the second talk is "Exchange Rates and Productivity". Host: Bill Scarth

Wednesday, October 11 Myeong-Su Yun (UWO) "Full- and Part-Time Wage Differentials and Female Labor Supply: Discontinuous Budget Constraint and Endogenous Wages" (joint dept./CILN) Host: Mike Veall

Wednesday, October 11 12:30-1:30 in HSC 3N5A Steve Morgan (Centre for Health Services Research and Policy, UBC) "Decomposing drug expenditure trends: The Devil in the Details" (CHEPA seminar) Host: Jerry Hurley

Friday, October 13 Ted McDonald, University of Tasmania Tentative topic: "Displaced Workers in Australia: Business Cycle Effects and Structural Change" (joint dept./CILN) Host: Mike Veall

Wednesday, October 18 1:00-2:30 in Health Sciences Centre 1A1 Peter Ubel (Michigan, Medicine) Labelle Lectureship "The Unbearable Rightness of Bedside Rationing" (Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics/CHEPA)

Friday, October 20 Martin Schellhorn (Bern, McMaster) "The Effect of Variable Health Insurance Deductibles on the Demand for Physician Visits" (joint dept./CHEPA/SEDAP)

Wednesday, October 25 Jim Butler (ANU) "The demand for private health insurance when public insurance is compulsory: Evidence from Australia" (joint dept./CILN) Host: Mike Veall

Friday, October 27 Joanne Roberts (Toronto) "Twin Engines of Growth", paper at Hosts: Kate Cuff and Mike Veall

Tuesday, October 31, 12:30-1:20 in KTH 334 Stephen Prus (Gerontology, McMaster) "Differences between Canadian men and women in health status in later life"(a SEDAP multidisciplinary workshop, contact: Mike Veall

Wednesday, November 1 John DeNew (DIW, Berlin) tentative topic: "Employer Learning and the Returns to Schooling" Host: Mike Veall (dept./CILN workshop)

Thursday, November 2nd, 2000, 1:45 to 2:45 PM in HSC-4E26 Dr. Alan Krupnick (Senior Fellow and Director, Quality of the Environment Division, Resources for the Future) "Age, Health and the Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reductions: A Contingent Valuation Survey of Ontario Residents" Abstract

Friday, November 3 Casey Mulligan (Chicago) "A Century of Labor-Leisure Distortions" Host: Mike Veall (joint CILN/SEDAP/dept. seminar)

Wednesday, November 8 Martin Dooley "An Analysis of Differences in Labour Force Participation, Earnings and Welfare Participation Among Canadian Lone Mothers Using Longitudinal Data" (CILN seminar)

Friday, November 10 - Saturday, November 11, Royal Connaught Hotel, Hamilton
14th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Macro Study Group. Contact: Alok Johri, Marc-Andre Letendre, Bill Scarth
Conference web site:

Wednesday, November 15 Mark Stabile, University of Toronto "What Do Self-Reported, Objective, Measures of Health Measure?" Abstract (joint dept./CHEPA). Host: Jerry Hurley

Wednesday, November 15, 2000 3:30 p.m. BSB-108 John Fox (McMaster, Sociology) "An R and S-Plus Companion to Applied Regression" (A Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics seminar; Refreshments at 3:00 in BSB/202)

Friday, November 17 Alok Johri/Marc Andre Letendre (McMaster) "Labor Market Dynamics in RBC Models"
The paper is available at

Monday, November 20-Thursday, November 23 David Brillinger (Berkeley, Math): each of these four days from 3:30-4:30 in BSB 108 Professor Brillinger will give the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Britton Lectures entitled in order "Point Processes", "Time Series", "Spatial Processes" and "Spatial-Temporal Processes".

Tuesday, November 21 12:30-1:20 in KTH 334 Mike Veall (McMaster) "The Effects of Marginal Tax Rate Changes on the Taxable Income of Seniors" (a SEDAP multidisciplinary workshop, contact: Mike Veall)

Friday, November 24 Jeff Smith (UWO) "The Performance of Alternative Non-Experimental Estimators: A Simulation Study" (joint department/CILN workshop) Host: Martin Dooley

Wednesday, November 29 at 3:30 pm in BSB-108 Peter Macdonald (Math & Stats, McMaster) "A Data Mining Case Study" (Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminar)

Tuesday, December 5, 12:30-1:30 in KTH 334 Carolyn Rosenthal (Gerontology, McMaster) "Prevalence and Consequences of Changes in the Generational Structure of Families" (a SEDAP multidisciplinary workshop, contact: Mike Veall)

Friday, December 8 "Macroeconomic Aspects of Aging Populations," a one-day SEDAP Conference.
Contact: Bill Scarth


Winter 2001

Wednesday, January 10, 2:00-3:00 in HSC-1K7A Jennifer Stewart (Galway) "Do Ordering Effects Matter in Willingness-to-pay Studies of Health Care?" (CHEPA seminar)

Friday, January 12 Todd Stinebrickner (Western) "The Relationship Between Family Income and Schooling Attainment: Evidence from a Liberal Arts College with a Full Tuition Subsidy" (joint dept/CILN seminar) Host: Mike Veall

Wednesday, January 17 12:30-1:30 HSC 3E26 John Brazier (Health Economics, Sheffield) "Estimation of a Preference-Based Measure of Health from the SF-36) (CHEPA seminar)

Friday, January 19 Anindya Sen (Waterloo) HSC 3H41 1:00-2:00 (tentative) "Estimating the Effectiveness of Drinking and Driving Laws with Blood Alcohol Content Data" (CHEPA seminar)

Friday, January 19 Michael Smart (Toronto) "Globalization and Politics" Host: Mike Veall

Monday, January 22 12:30-1:30 in KTH 334 Jason Childs (McMaster) "Interest Rate Parity in Experimental Asset Markets" 798 Workshop

Wednesday, January 24 Sonia Lazlo (Toronto) "Employment Earnings: An Empirical Analysis of Non-farm Activities in Rural Peru" Host: Martin Dooley

Friday, January 26 Ronnie Schoeb (Munich, visiting Western) "Economic Integration and Labor Market Institutions. Worker Mobility, Earning Risks, and Contract Structure" (joint dept/CILN seminar) Hosts: Kate Cuff and Mike Veall

Monday, January 29 Vincent Hildebrand (York) "How Do Employer Provided Pensions Affect Individual Job Mobility Choices in the United States? New Evidence from SIPP Data" Host: Mike Veall (SEDAP Multidisciplinary Workshop)

Wednesday, January 31 Abdurrahman Aydemir (UWO; SRDC) "Estimating the Effects of Immigration Policy: Disentangling Policy Effects from Self-Selection" Host: Martin Dooley

Wednesday, February 14 Ambrose Leung (Carleton) "The Economics of Delinquency" Host: Martin Dooley

Wednesday, February 14 in KTH-306A at 4:00pm Michael Smart (Toronto) "Regional tax competition: Theory and evidence for Canada" Host: Kate Cuff

Wednesday, February 21, 2001 in HSC-3E26 Phyllis Colvin (Health Canada) "The New Policy Processes in Health Canada" CHEPA seminar

Friday, March 9 Jean-Francois Lamarche (Brock) "An Heteroskedasticity-Robust Bootstrap Test for Structural Change with Nonstationary Regressors" Host: Marc-Andre Letendre

Friday, March 16 Phil Oreopoulos (UC Berkeley) "Correlations in Long Run Labour Market Outcomes between Brothers and Boys from the Same Public Housing Project" Host: Martin Dooley (joint dept./CILN workshop)

Wednesday, March 21 Louise Grogan (McMaster) "A Matching Model of Skills-Biased Technological Change in Dual Labour Markets" Discussant: Steve Jones (CILN workshop)

Friday, March 23 Emmanuel Saez (Harvard) "Optimal Income Transfer Programs: Intensive Versus Extensive Labor Supply Responses", (NBER Working Paper No. 7708) (joint dept/CILN/SEDAP seminar) Host: Mike Veall

Tuesday, April 3 11:00 to 12:00, Room HSC-3N5B Paul Contoyannis (University of York, England) "The dynamics of health in British households: Simulation-based inference in panel probit models"
Contact: Jerry Hurley (CHEPA seminar)

Thursday April 5/Friday, April 6 at York University 1.5 day workship on Employee-Employer linked data (scheduled participants include David Margolis (University of Paris) and Lars Vilhuber (Census Bureau), McMaster alumni Marie Drolet and Marc Frenette plus many others) contact: Tom Crossley

Wednesday, April 11 3:00 - 4:00 in HSC 3N5A (blue elevators) Ana Johnson-Masotti (candidate for CHEPA position) "Probabilistic Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: A Bayesian Approach." (CHEPA seminar, contact: Jerry Hurley)

Wednesday, April 18th from 12:30 - 1:30 in HSC 3E26 Jane Aronson (McMaster) "Living on the Edge: The Experiences of Frail and Disabled Users of Home Care" (CHEPA)

Friday, April 20 Robin Boadway (Queen's) "Competing for Firms in a Federation" Host: John Burbidge

Wednesday, April 25 Sule Alan (McMaster) "Estimating Euler Equations Using Simulated Residual Estimation"
799 Workshop

Saturday, April 28/Sunday April 29 SEDAP conference at Journey's End in Burlington. Topics include "New Data Sources and Research Applications", "Retirement and Financial Security, and the Economy", "Occupational Aging and Migration", "Aging and Family Life" and "Patterns of Health Care Utilization" and the speaker list includes Bob Evans (UBC), Doug Norris (Statistics Canada), Michael Wolfson (Statistics Canada), McMaster Ph.D. candidate Jennifer Zelmer and a number of McMaster faculty. Contact: Byron Spencer
See web page: SEDAP Conference


Summer 2001

Friday, June 8th 9:30-11:00 in KTH 334 Jennifer Zelmer (McMaster) "The Economic Burden of End Stage Renal Disease in Canada: Today and Tomorrow - A Model and Research Plans?" (798/799 and SEDAP workshop)

Wednesday, June 13th 12:00-1:00 in KTH 334 Thomas Moutos (Athens) "Vertical Product Differentiation and the Import Demand Function: Theory and Evidence" (topic tentative) Host: Bill Scarth Host: Bill Scarth

Friday, August 31st 3:00-4:30 in KTH 334 Marc-Andre Letendre (McMaster) "Inventories, Sticky Prices, and the Propagation of Nominal Shocks"

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Guide to abbreviations:
CHEPA is the Centre for Health Economi cs and Policy Analysis
SEDAP is the Research Program on the Social and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population.