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Fall 1998

Friday, September 11th Isaac Rischall (CILN/McMaster)  "The Roles of
Skill, Education and Parental Income in Determining Wages."
(CILN seminar) Note: seminar begins at special time: 3:15

Thursday, September 17th John McCallum (Royal Bank of Canada)  (A talk on
the general state of the economy sponsored by Undergraduate Economics
Society and CILN:  Time [late afternoon] and place TBA) Host: Jim Johnson

Wednesday, September 23rd John Spraggon "Quantal Response Functions:
Why and How"

Wednesday, September 30th John Spraggon (McMaster) "Bounded Rationality,
How and Why, Part II)

Thursday, September 24th - Saturday, September 26th
International Conference on Self-Employment
sponsored by Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD),
Canadian Employment Research Forum (CERF) and CILN
at the Venture Inn, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, September 27th - Monday, September 28th
Conference on Labour Market Institutions and Labour Market Outcomes:
International Perspectives
sponsored by CILN
at the Venture Inn, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, October 7th Martin Osborne (McMaster)
"Meetings with Costly Participation"

Saturday, October 10th/Sunday October 11th Meetings of the International
Indian Statistical Association (with many famous statisticians).  Perhaps
the most interesting session for economists would be session 38
"Statistics in Economics".  The entire program is at Schedule

Tuesday, October 13th Cameron Mustard (Medicine, Winnipeg)
(Time: 11:00-noon, room: HSC-3N5A)
"Socioeconomic Disparities in Health and the Mediating Role of Health Care:
a Descriptive, Analytic and Policy Research Program" (CHEPA seminar)

Tuesday, October 13th - Friday, October 16th:

Visit by McMaster Hooker fellow Charles Blackorby, University of British
Tuesday, October 13th --- public lecture
"Critical-Level Utilitarianism and Population Ethics"
(Time: 3:30-5:00, room: MDG-505)

Wednesday, October 14th (regular lunchtime seminar)
"Tax and Employment Subsidies in Optimal Redistribution Programs"

Friday, October 16th (regular department seminar, time: 3:30)
"Efficient Commodity Taxes in an Overlapping-Generations Model"
Host: Les Robb

Wednesday, October 21st Eric Smith (Essex) "Technological Change
and Income Distribution Dynamics"
Hosts: Alan Harrison and Mike Veall

Friday, October 23rd Gord Myers (Waterloo, moving to Simon Fraser in Jan.)
"Equilibrium Constitutions"
Host: John Burbidge

Wednesday, November 4th John Weaver (History, McMaster)
"Swindlers, Silly Asses, and Insolvents: A Speculative Mania and its
Consequences in Victorian Melbourne"

Friday, November 6th Mike Hoy (Guelph) "Flat Taxes and Inequality"
Host: Martin Dooley

Wednesday, November 11th Peter Deadman (Waterloo, Geography)
"Exploring Individual and Collective Behaviour in CPR Experiments with
Autonomous Agent Based Simulations"
Host: Stuart Mestelman

Wednesday, November 11th John Spraggon (McMaster), 2:00-3:00
in KTH 709 "Quantal Response Series" (Third and final installment: note
special time and place)

Friday, November 13th Tony Wirjanto (Waterloo, visiting McMaster)
"On Consistent Estimation of Dividends-Adjustment Models"

Wednesday, November 18th Tom Crossley (York) "The Life Time Costs
of Job Displacement"
Host: Mike Veall

Friday, November 20th Dan Trefler (Toronto)
"The Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement: An Assessment for Canadian
Manufacturing"  (CILN seminar)
Host:Peter Kuhn

Wednesday, November 25th Daniel Parent (McGill) "Job Characteristics
and the Form of Compensation" (joint CILN/Department seminar)
Hosts:Peter Kuhn and Mike Veall

Friday, November 27th Ake Blomqvist (UWO) "Monopolistic competition
and supply-side cost sharing in the physician services market"
Host:Mike Veall

Tuesday December 1st, 3:00-4:30 in KTH 732 Nicole Fortin
"Gender Composition and Wages: Why is Canada Different from the United
States?" (joint department/CILN workshop)
  Host:Peter Kuhn

Wednesday, December 2nd (usual time: 12:30-1:30, usual room: KTH 334)
Wai-Ming Ho (Waterloo) "Stagflationary Effect of Government Bond
Financing in the Transforming Chinese Economy: A General Equilibrium
 Host:Bill Scarth

Thursday, December 3rd Anne Case (Princeton) "School inputs and educational
outcomes in South Africa" 12:30-1:30
Hosts:Peter George and Mike Veall

Thursday, December 3rd Angus Deaton (Princeton), 3:30 to 5:00
"Saving, growth, and demographic change"
Hosts:Peter George and Mike Veall

Wednesday, December 16th, 12:30-1:30 in HSC-3H33 John Dorland (Queen's)
"Population-based Need for Evidence-based Services:  Stroke Services as an
Example" (CHEPA seminar)


Winter 1999

Tuesday, January 12th at 4:00, MGD 505 Martin Gervais (UWO)
"Housing Taxation and Capital Accumulation"

Tuesday, January 12th at 3:30 pm, BSB/B103 S. Link (McMaster, Psychology)
"Choosing between Risky Decisions"

Wednesday, January 13th Adrienne ten Cate (McMaster)
"Labour Market Effects of Maternity and Parental Leave Policies
in Canada"

Monday, January 18th at 3:30 pm, Steve Kosempel (SFU)
"Capital-Embodied Technical Change, Errors and Real Business Cycles"

Wednesday, January 20th Isaac Rischall (McMaster)
"The Returns on Human Capital Investment for the Marginal Worker:
Evidence from the Self-Sufficiency Project" (CILN seminar)

Wednesday, January 20th at 12:30-1:30 in HSC-3H33 Perre-Gerlier Forest
(Laval, Political Science)
"Normative Analysis of Public Policy (The Case of the Health Sector"
(CHEPA seminar)

Monday, January 25th at 4:00 - 5:30 (KTH 334) Michael Krause (Yale)
"The Inter-Industry Wage Structure, Job Flows, and Specific Training"
Host: Alok Johri

Tuesday, January 26th, 3:30 - 5:00 (Note time change from earlier
schedule!)  (KTH 334) Hashmat Khan  (UBC)
"Nominal Rigidities, Inflation and Output Dynamics: A Cross-Country
Analysis" Host: Stuart Mestelman

Thursday, January 28th at 3:30 - 5:00 (Note time change from earlier
schedule) (KTH 334) John Kennes (SFU) "Bidding for Labor"
(Title tentative) Host:Jack Leach

Wednesday, February 3rd,  12:00-1:30, KTH-334 Marcel Merette
(Finance) (The seminar postponed from January 14th, when it was snowed out)
"Population Aging, Intergenerational Equity and Growth: Analysis with an
Endogenous Growth Overlapping Generations Model"

Wednesday, February 3rd, at  8:00 p.m. in Ewart Angus Centre (HSC 1A1)
Dr. Ronald S. Stroud,  Mellon Professor of Classical Studies
American School of Classical Studies at Athens:
"Grain, Taxes, and the Market:  How to Make a Profit in Ancient Athens"
(A Hooker Public Lecture presented by the Department of Classics; contact
Mike Veall if you are interested in meeting the speaker before the talk)

Friday, February 5th, 3:00 - 4:30, KTH 334 Marc-Andre Letendre
(Queen's) (Note, rescheduled after snowed out on January 15th)
"Semi-Parametric Predictions of International Business Cycle Models"

Wednesday, February 10th, 3:30, BSB/108 Alison Burnham 
(McMaster, Chemical Engineering)  "Some Implications of the Latent
Variable Regression Model - Inference on Regression Coefficients"
(Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminar)

Wednesday, February 17th, 12:30-1:30, HSC-3H33 Rick Glazier 
(St. Michael's Hospital) "Use of Hospital Discharge & OHIP Data
to Examine Equity and Access in Toronto's Inner-city"  (A CHEPA seminar)

Tuesday, February 23rd, 3:30 pm in BSB/B103 T. Hurd (Mathematics,
McMaster) "On Certain Microscopic Asset Pricing Models"  (A Department of
Mathematics and Statistics seminar)

Wednesday, February 24th, Steve Birch (CHEPA, McMaster)
"The Distribution Problem in Economic Evaluation of Health Care

Wednesday, February 24th, 1999 (4:30 p.m. in KTH/103) John Fox
(Sociology, McMaster) "Perception of 3D Graphs"
(A Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminar)

Friday, February 26th, Grant K. Hauer (Alberta, Dept. of Rural
Economy) "Transboundary Pollution and Income: Public Goods and the
Environmental Kuznet's Curve"
Host: Andy Muller

Tuesday, March 2nd, at 3:30 p.m. in BSB/B103 T. Hurd (Mathematics,
McMaster) "On certain microscopic asset pricing models, II"
(Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminar)

Wendesday, March 3rd, Jerry Hurley (CHEPA, McMaster)
"Physician Responses to Global Physician Expenditure Caps: Preliminary
Results from Two Provinces"

Friday, March 5th Julie Cullen (Michigan)
"Fiscal incentives and student disability rates" (CILN seminar)
Host: Peter Kuhn

Friday, March 12th Leora Friedberg (UC San Diego and NBER)
"The Impact of Technological Change on Older Workers:  Evidence from Data
on Computers"  (joint Department/CILN/SEDAP seminar)
Host: Mike Veall

Saturday, March 13th-Sunday, March 14th
Conference on "SocioEconomic Dimensions of an Aging Population"
Organizer:Byron Spencer

Friday, March 19th Bram Cadsby (Guelph) and Elizabeth Maynes (York,
Business) "Share Tendering and Corporate Takeovers: Uncertainty and
Subject Effects in Laboratory Environments"
Host:Stuart Mestelman

Wednesday, April 7th, Richard Arnott (Boston College)
"Road and Rail: Second-Best Pricing and Investment"
Host:Jack Leach

Friday April 9th Doug Davis (Virginia Commonwealth University)
"Some Antitrust Policy Experiments"
Host:Stuart Mestelman

Wednesday, April 14th John Fountain (Canterbury, New Zealand)
"Boundedly Rational, Coherent Inferences for Outcomes of Individual
Choice Experiments"
Host:Martin Osborne


Summer 1999

Tuesday, May 4, 2:30-4:00, KTH334, Gordana Paric (York University)
"The Structural Estimation of Psychiatric Hospital Stays", (SEDAP).

Wednesday, May 19th 12:30-1:30, Jean-Paul Lam (McMaster)
"The Tradeoff Between Real Output and Price Volatility"

Friday, May 21st Reserved for CEA practice sessions (especially for grad

Tuesday, May 25th at noon we will have three seminars, CEA meetings
style with presentations 20-25 minutes with a few questions so that
the three papers together will take 90 minutes.  The three papers are:

Adrienne ten Cate (McMaster, CILN)
"Labour Market Effects of Maternity and Parental Leave Policies in

Isaac Rischall (McMaster, CILN)
"Human Capital Investments for the Marginal Worker: Evidence from the
Self-Sufficiency Project"

Andy Muller (McMaster)
"Can Auctions Control Market Power in Emissions Trading Markets?"

Monday, May 31st 12:30-1:30 Chris Worswick (Melbourne)
"A Structural Model of Child Labour Supply: Evidence from Micro Data for
Nepal and Pakistan"  (Joint Department/CILN seminar)
Hosts: Peter Kuhn and Mike Veall

Tuesday, June 1st 12:30-1:30 Garry Barrett (New South Wales)
"The Effect of Alcohol Consumption on Earnings"
(Joint Department/CILN seminar) Hosts: Peter Kuhn and Mike Veall

Wednesday, June 9th 12:30-1:30 Bengt-Arne Wickstrom (von Humboldt,
Berlin) "Can bilingualism be dynamically stable?"
Host: Mike Veall

Wednesday, June 16th, 1999  10:30-11:30 in  BSB/101 Ivana Horova
(Masaryk University, Czech Republic) "Kernel Smoothing and Additive

Wednesday, June 23rd 12:30-1:30 Reza Ghaeli (McMaster and RBC
Dominion Securities) "Where do we go from here? An Overview of Economic
and Financial Conditions in the Coming Year"

Wednesday, June 30th 12:30-1:30 Phil Curry (University of Western
Ontario) "Decision Making Under Uncertainty and the Evolution of a Concern
for Status" Host: John Burbidge 

Wednesday, July 21, 12:30-1:30, Susan Johnson (McMaster) "Automatic
Certification or Mandatory Representation Votes?  How the choice of union
recognition procedure affects union certification success"
(Joint Department/CILN seminar)

Wednesday, July 28, noon-1:00, Livio DiMatteo (Lakehead)
"Public Home Care Expenditures in Canada: 1975-1996"
(joint department/SEDAP seminar) Host: Mike Veall

Friday August 6, 3:00 - 4:00, John DeNew (German Institute for Economic
Research/German Socio Economic Panel)
"Money for Nothing and Your Chips for Free? The Anatomy of the PC Wage
Differential" (joint department/CILN seminar) Host: Mike Veall


Guide to abbreviations:
CILN is the Canadian International Labour Network
CHEPA is the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis
SEDAP is the Research Program on the Social and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population.