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Graduate Timetable

See below for the 2019-2020 course list and timetable

Fall 2019 - Course List   

Fall Timetable 

Classes Start: September 9, 2019

Last Day of Classes: December 6, 2019


Econ 6G03: Econometrics II 

Development of regression models appropriate to economics. Illustrations from applied micro- and macroeconomics.
Instructor: Arthur Sweetman  
Day(s) & Time: Tuesday 11:30-12:30 & Thursday 11:30-1:30pm (Lecture), Tuesday 9:30-11:30am (Lab)
Location: Tuesday in LRW 5012 (Lecture and Lab), Thursday in KTH 107


Econ 703: Experimental Economics

An introduction to the design of laboratory environments in economics, to the conduct of laboratory sessions, and to the analysis of laboratory generated data. Applications to public economics, industrial organization, and the evaluation of economic theory are studied.

Instructor: Bradley Ruffle

Day(s) & Time: Wednesday 3:30-6:20pm 

Location: LRW 5001


Econ 721 (MA/PhD required): Microeconomic Theory I 

This course covers basic graduate-level microeconomic theory, including constrained optimization, theory of the household and the firm, decision-making under uncertainty, and general equilibrium analysis.

Instructor: Seungjin Han

Day(s) & Time: Monday 10:00-11:20am & Tuesday 10:00-11:20am

Location:  TBA


Econ 723 (MA/PhD required): Macroeconomic Theory I

This course is an introduction to advanced macroeconomic theory which is based on dynamic optimization and general equilibrium. Applications will vary from year to year and may include economic fluctuations, economic growth, asset pricing, and fiscal policy.

Instructor: Marc-Andre Letendre

Day(s) & Time: Wednesday 1:30-3:20pm & Friday 9:00-10:20am

Location: TBA


Econ 727 (MAEP required): Microeconomic Theory for Public Policy

This course covers graduate-level microeconomic theory, but with an emphasis on how the tools of microeconomics can be used to inform public policy. Topics include theory of the household and the firm, decisions under uncertainty and over time, and basic welfare economics.

Instructor: Katherine Cuff

Day(s) & Time: Wednesday 8:30-9:50am & Friday 8:30-9:50am

Location: KTH 334


Econ 728 (MAEP required): Macroeconomic Theory for Public Policy

This course introduces students to the research methods of modern macroeconomics, with an emphasis on developing an understanding of the major controversies in the field, and on how these tools can be used to address central policy issues (such as recessions, exchange-rate stability and debt reduction). 

Instructor: Zachary Mahone

Day(s) & Time: Monday 9:00-11:50am

Location: KTH 334


Econ 733: Topics in Public Economics

Topics may include: capital taxation, economic theory of redistribution, empirical assessment of the effects of taxation and government expenditure; and the measurement of welfare, poverty and inequality.

Instructor: Katherine Cuff

Day(s) & Time: Wednesday 10:30-11:50am & Friday 10:30-11:50am

Location: KTH 334


Econ 742: Topics in Money and Macroeconomics

Topics may include: business cycle theory, numerical methods, open-economy models (real and monetary),heterogenous-agent models, asset pricing and growth theory.

Instructor: Pau Pujolas

Day(s) & Time: Tuesday 1:30-4:20pm

Location: KTH 334


Econ 751: International Trade, Development and Investment

The neoclassical or real theory of international trade is presented in a general equilibrium format using geometrical and mathematical methods.

Instructor: Svetlana Demidova

Day(s) & Time: Monday 12:30-3:20pm

Location: KTH 334


Econ 761 (MA/PhD/MAEP required): Econometrics I

Topics include linear regression and generalized least squares.
Instructor: Arthur Sweetman
Day(s) & Instructor: Tuesday 2:00-3:20pm & Thursday 8:30-9:50am (Lecture), Thursday 2:00-4:50pm (Lab)
Location: Lecture TBA, Lab LRW 5012 

Econ 768:  Advanced Econometrics

Topics may include: nonparametric estimation, robust estimation, asymptotictheory, econometric programming.

Instructor: Jeffrey Racine
Day(s) & Times: Wednesday 1:30-2:50pm & Thursday 1:30-2:50pm
Location: KTH 334

Econ 788: Health Economics (Elective)

This is a basic graduate survey course on the economics of health and health care.
Instructor: Philip DeCicca
Day(s) & Times: Friday 12:-2:50pm
Location: KTH 334

Econ 798 (upper-level PhD required): Workshop in Economics I

The Workshop in Economics is intended as a forum for post comprehensive exam PhD students to present their research as it develops. More recently, the workshop is also trying to provide additional resources and support to PhD students as they further develop their professional, presentation and teaching skills with the ultimate objective of helping students complete their dissertations and secure future employment.
Instructor: Alok Johri
Day(s) & Times: Wednesday 2:00-3:50pm
Location: TBA

Winter 2020 - Course List 

Winter Timetable  

Classes Start: January 6, 2020

Last Day of Classes: April 3, 2020


Econ 710: Population Economics 1

A survey of topics in population economics, including the economic consequences of population aging, the economic theory of fertility, and the interrelations between economic and demographic phenomena generally.
Instructor: Michel Grignon
Day(s) & Times: Monday 10:30-11:50am & Thursday 2:00-3:20pm
Location: KTH 334

Econ 722 (PhD required): Microeconomic Theory II 

Topics include the theory of public goods and externalities, non-cooperative game theory and the economics of information such as adverse selection, moral hazard, and mechanism design. 
Instructor: Rumen Kostadinov
Day(s) & Times:  Monday 9:00-10:20am & Wednesday 9:00-10:20am
Location: KTH 334

Econ 724 (PhD required): Macroeconomic Theory II

The course focuses on theories that help explain business cycle fluctuations and economic growth. 

Instructor: Alok Johri 
Day(s) & Times: Wednesday 10:30-11:50am & Friday 1:00-2:20pm
Location: KTH 334

Econ 731 (MA/PhD elective): Public Finance 

Topics may include positive and normative theories of taxation, the provision of public goods, collective decision-making, the theory of local public goods, and issues in fiscal federalism including tax and expenditure competition and inter-governmental transfers.

Instructor: Adam Lavecchia

Day(s) & Times: Monday 2:00-4:50pm

Location: KTH 334


Econ 752: International Finance

This course examines international real and monetary business cycle models to explain economic fluctuations of main macroeconomic variables within and across countries.
Day(s) & Times: Tuesday 4:00-5:20pm & Thursday 4:00-5:20pm
Location: KTH 334 

Econ 762 (MA/PhD required): Econometrics II

Topics include time series and simultaneous equations.

Instructor: Youngki Shin
Day(s) & Times:  Tuesday 10:30-11:50am & Thursday 10:30-11:50am
Location: KTH 334

Econ 773 (MAEP required): Economic Policy Analysis I

This course is the first semester of the two-semester sequence that will provide a grounding in policy processes, policy issues, and important institutional structures, in relevant policy sectors in Canada, and provide an introduction to the basic research designs appropriate for establishing causal relationships through program/policy evaluation.
Instructor: Philip DeCicca
Day(s) & Times: Friday 10:00-12:50pm
Location: KTH 334

Econ 774 (MAEP required): Economic Policy Analysis II 

This course is the second semester in the two-semester sequence in Economic Policy Analysis. It will survey more advanced issues in policy evaluation and culminate in a major policy project the student will complete in conjunction with an outside agency.

Instructor: Philip DeCicca

Day(s) & Times: Thursday 7:00-10:00pm

Location: KTH 334


Econ 781 (elective), Labour Economics I

A survey of basic labour economics. Topics include labour demand, labour supply, and the determination of equilibrium wages in competitive markets. 

Instructor: Siha Lee

Day(s) & Times: Tuesday 12:30-3:20pm 

Location: KTH 334


Econ 791 Topics in Advanced Health Economics

This course focuses on contemporary issues relating to the economics of health and health care. It is intended to provide a more detailed examination of selected issues from ECON *788/HTH RS M *788 as well as expose students to more advanced topics and aspects of recent research in health economics. Topics may include economic evaluation, the economics of occupational health and safety, evaluation of health-care related interventions, advances in the empirical analysis of income and health inequalities, and the evolution of health from childhood to adulthood. View "Past Outlines" for additional course information, from other instructors.

Instructor:  Arthur Sweetman, David Feeny, Boris Kralj, Jean-Eric Taride, Emile Tompa

Day(s) & Times: Wednesday 2:00-4:50pm 

Location: TBA


Econ 799 (upper-level PhD required): Workshop in Economics II

Instructor: Alok Johri

Day(s) & Times: Wednesday 2:30-4:20pm

Location: KTH 334