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Department Working Papers

2017 Working Papers:

2017-01 Cong Li
Qi Li
Jeffrey S. Racine
Daiqiang Zhang

Optimal Model Averaging of Varying Coefficient Models

Jeffrey S. Racine

Energy, Economics & Replication
(zip file containing the Markdown document, BibTeX file, PNG file and all output documents)


Farhad Daruwala
Frank T. Denton
Dean C. Mountain

One Size May Not Fit All: Welfare Benefits and Cost Reductions With Differentiated Household Electricity Rates in A General Equilibrium Model


Juan Carlos Conesa
Pau S. Pujolas

The Canadian Productivity Stagnation, 2002-2014


Shintaro Yamaguchi
Yukiko Asai
Ryo Kambayashi

How Does Early Childcare Enrollment Affect Children, Parents, and Their Interactions?


Shintaro Yamaguchi
Yukiko Asai
Ryo Kambayashi

Effects of Subsidized Childcare on Mothers' Labor Supply Under a Rationing Mechanism


Stephen R. G. Jones
W. Craig Riddell

Unemployment, Marginal Attachment and Labor Force Participation in Canada and the United States


Frank T. Denton
Byron G. Spencer

What Rates of Productivity Growth would be Required to Offset the Effects of Population Aging? A Study of Twenty Industrialised Countries


Neil Buckley
Stuart Mestelman
R. Andrew Muller
Stephan Schott
Jingjing Zhang

Do the Number of Appropriators from the Commons Matter in
Controlled Laboratory Environments?


Anastasios Papanastasiou

Moral Hazard and Horizontal Information


Alok Johri
Terry Yip

Financial Shocks, Supply-chain Relationships and the Great Trade Collapse


Alok Johri
Md Mahbubur Rahman

The Rise and Fall of India's Relative Investment Price: A Tale of Policy Error and Reform


Jeffrey S. Racine
Ingrid Van Keilegom

A Smooth Nonparametric, Multivariate, Mixed-data Location-scale Test


2016 Working Papers:

2016-01 Jeffrey S. Racine A Correction to "Generalized Nonparametric Smoothing with Mixed Discrete and Continuous Data" by Li, Simar & Zelenyuk (2014, CSDA)
(R code to replicate simulation [code.r, results.r], as described in Appendix A)

S. Centorrino
J. S. Racine

Semiparametric Varying Coefficient Models with Endogenous Covariates

2016-03 (rev. 07/17) 

Wyatt J. Brooks
Pau S. Pujolas

Capital Accumulation and the Welfare Gains from Trade

2016-04 Seungjin Han Pre-CEO Executive Skill Accumulation and Firm-CEO Matching with Pay Limits
2016-05 Mohamed Gomaa
Kiridaran Kanagaretnam
Stuart Mestelman
Mohamed Shehata
Test-bedding the Replacement of the Incurred Credit Loss Model with an Expected Credit Loss Model: The Case of Trade Receivables
2016-06 Shintaro Yamaguchi Family Policies and Female Employment in Japan
2016-07 Sonali Das
Jeffrey S. Racine
Nonparametric Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Systems
2016-08 John Kealey
Pau S. Pujolas
Cesar Sosa-Padilla
Trade policy reform and firm-level productivity growth: Does the choice of production function matter?
2016-09 Alexander Bick, Bettina Brüggemann, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln Hours Worked in Europe and the US: New Data, New Answers
2016-10 Shintaro Yamaguchi Effects of Parental Leave Policies on
Female Career and Fertility Choices


Alok Johri & Muhebullah Karimzada

Learning Efficiency Shocks, Knowledge Capital and the Business Cycle: A Bayesian Evaluation


Stephanie Thomas

Playing by the rules? Agreement between predicted and observed binary choices


Frank T Denton & Byron G Spencer

Immigration and The Rate of Population Mixing: Explorations With A Stylized Model


Stephanie Thomas

A Standardized Method for the Evaluation of Adherence to Practice Guidelines


2015 Working Papers:

2015-01 Frank T. Denton
Dean C. Mountain
Biases in Consumer Elasticities Based on Micro and Aggregate Data: An Integrated Framework and Empirical Evaluation
2015-02 Jeffrey S. Racine Local Polynomial Derivative Estimation: Analytic or Taylor
2015-03 Neshat Beheshti
Jeffrey S. Racine
Ehsan S. Soofi
Information Measures for Nonparametric Kernel Estimation
2015-04 Svetlana Demidova Trade Policies, Firm Heterogeneity, and Variable Markups
2015-05 Stan Hu
Stuart Mestelman
William Scarth
Are Notions of Fairness Path-Dependent? Experimental Evidence from an Efficiency-Wage Environment
2015-06 Stuart Mestelman
Emad Mohammad
Mohamed Shehata
The Convergence of IFRS and US GAAP: Evidence from the SEC's Removal of Form 20-F Reconciliations
Seungjin Han Competing Mechanisms: Theory and Applications in Directed Search Markets
2015-08 Yukiko Asai
Ryo Kambayashi
Shintaro Yamaguchi
Crowding-Out Effect of Publicly Provided Childcare: Why Maternal Employment Did Not Increase
2015-09 Marc-Andre Letendre
Joel Wagner
Agency Costs, Risk Shocks and International Cycles
2015-10 Shujie Ma
Jeffrey S. Racine
Aman Ullah
Nonparametric Regression-Spline Random Effects Models
2015-11 Alok Johri
Muhebullah Karimzada
Learning Efficiency Shocks, Knowledge Capital and the Business Cycle: A Bayesian Evaluation
2015-12 Christopher M. Gunn
Alok Johri
Financial News, Banks and Business Cycles
2015-13 Alok Johri
Terry Yip
Financial Shocks, Customer Capital and the Trade Collapse of 2008-2009

Frank T. Denton
Byron G. Spencer

A Simulation Analysis of the Longer-Term Effects of Immigration on Per Capita Income in an Aging Population

Junying Zhao
William Scarth
Jeremiah Hurley

Investing in Health: A Macroeconomic Exploration of Short-Run and Long-Run Trade-Offs

2014 Working Papers:

Neil Buckley
Katherine Cuff
Jeremiah Hurley
Stuart Mestelman
Stephanie Thomas
David Cameron
Should I stay or should I go? Public provision of a private good with an exit option
2014-02 James Bugden
Iain Fraser
Jeffrey S. Racine
Robert Waschik
Parametric and nonparametric analysis of tax changes
2014-03 Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong
Jeffrey S. Racine
Aid and economic growth: A robust approach
(rev. 04/14)
Seungjin Han Robust Competitive Auctions

(rev. 05/16)

Seungjin Han Sellers' Implicit Collusion in Directed Search Markets
2014-06 Juan Carlos Hatchondo
Leonardo Martinez
Cesar Sosa-Padilla
Debt Dilution and Sovereign Default Risk
2014-07 Mohamed I. Gomaa
Stuart Mestelman
Mohamed Shehata
Social Distance, Reputation, Risk Attitude, Value Orientation and Equity in Economic Exchanges
2014-08 Yukiko Asai
Ryo Kambayashi
Shintaro Yamaguchi
Childcare Availability, Household Structure, and Maternal Employment
2014-09 Paul Contoyannis
Jinhu Li
The Dynamics of Depression from Adolescence to Early Adulthood

Frank T. Denton
Byron G. Spencer

Exploring the Population Implications of Male Preference When the Sex Probabilities at Birth Can Be Altered

Frank T. Denton
Byron G. Spencer

Modelling the Age Dynamics of Chronic Health Conditions: Life-Table-Consistent Transition Probabilities and their application

Alok Johri
Christopher Gunn 

Financial News, Banks and Business Cycles

Mohamed Gomaa
Kiridaran Kanagaretnam
Stuart Mestelman
Mohamed Shehata

Exercising Empowerment in an Investment Environment

Frank T. Denton
Byron G. Spencer

Immigration as a Policy Instrument for an Economy with an Aging Population: A Longer-Run Perspective

Wyatt J. Brooks
Pau S. Pujolàs

Nonlinear Gravity

Neil J. Buckley
Stuart Mestelman 
R. Andrew Muller

Production Capacity and Abatement Technology Strategies in Emissions Trading Markets

2013 Working Papers:

2013-01 Shintaro Yamaguchi Changes in Returns to Task-Specific Skills and
Gender Wage Gap
2013-02 Joeri Smits
Jeffrey S. Racine
Testing Exclusion Restrictions in Nonseparable
Triangular Models
2013-03 Nicholas M. Kiefer
Jeffrey S. Racine
The Smooth Colonel and the Reverend Find Common Ground
2013-04 Keqiang Hou
Alok Johri
Intangible Capital and the Excess Volatility of Aggregate Profits
2013-05 Peter G. Hall
Jeffrey S. Racine
Infinite Order Cross-Validated Local Polynomial Regression
2013-06 Neil J. Buckley
Stuart Mestelman
R. Andrew Muller
Stephan Schott
Jingjing Zhang
Communication and Output Sharing in Common Pool Resource Environments
2013-07 Esfandiar Maasoumi
Jeffrey S. Racine
Multidimensional Poverty Frontiers: Parametric Aggregators Based on Nonparametric Distributions
2013-08 Christopher M. Gunn
Alok Johri
Fear of Sovereign Default, Banks, and Expectations-driven Business Cycles
(rev. 10/13)
Kiridaran Kanagaretnam
Stuart Mestelman
S. M. Khalid Nainar
Mohamed Shehata
Transparency, Empowerment, Disempowerment and Trust in an Investment Environment
2013-10 James Andreoni
A. Abigail Payne
Crowding Oot: The Effect of Government Grants on Donors, Fundraisers, and Foundations in Canada
2013-11 James Andreoni
A. Abigail Payne
Justin Smith
David Karp
Diversity and Donations: The Effect of Religious and Ethnic Diversity on Charitable Giving
2013-12 Jeffrey S. Racine Mixed Data Kernel Copulas
2013-13 Juan Carlos Hatchondo
Leonardo Martinez
Cesar Sosa Padilla
Voluntary Sovereign Debt Exchanges
2013-14 Steven F. Koch
Jeffrey S. Racine
Health Care Facility Choice and User Fee Abolition: Regression Discontinuity in a Multinomial Choice Setting
2013-15 Neil Buckley
Katherine Cuff
Jeremiah Hurley
Stuart Mestelman
Stephanie Thomas
David Cameron
Support for Public Provision with Top-Up and Opt-Out: A Controlled Laboratory Experiment

2012 Working Papers:

(rev. 02/13)
Seungjin Han
Shintaro Yamaguchi
Compensating Wage Differentials in Stable Job Matching Equilibrium
2012-02 Neil J. Buckley
Katherine Cuff
Jeremiah Hurley
Logan McLeod
Stuart Mestelman
David Cameron
An Experimental Investigation of Mixed Systems of Public and Private Health Care Finance
(rev. 05/13)
Sambuddha Ghosh
Seungjin Han
Repeating Contracting in Decentralised Markets
2012-04 Christopher M. Gunn
Alok Johri
News, Credit Spreads and Default Costs: An expectations-driven interpretation of the recent boom-bust cycle in the U.S.
2012-05 Andrew Carrothers
Seungjin Han
Jiaping Qiu
CEO Pay with Perks
2012-06 Shujie Ma
Jeffrey S. Racine
Lijian Yang
Spline Regression in the Presence of Categorical Predictors
2012-07 Shujie Ma
Jeffrey S. Racine
Additive Regression Splines With Irrelevant Categorical and Continuous Regressors
2012-08 Pang Du
Christopher F. Parmeter
Jeffrey S. Racine
Nonparametric Kernel Regression with Multiple Predictors and Multiple Shape Constraints

(rev. 08/15)

Cesar Sosa-Padilla Sovereign Defaults and Banking Crises
2012-10 Qi Li
Juan Lin
Jeffrey S. Racine
Optimal Bandwidth Selection for Nonparametric Conditional Distribution and Quantile Functions
2012-11 Michael R. Veall Top Income Shares in Canada: Recent Trends and Policy Implications
2012-12 Kiridaran Kanagaretnam
Stuart Mestelman
S. M. Khalid Nainar
Mohamed Shehata
Trust and Reciprocity, Empowerment and Transparency
2012-13 Jeffrey S. Racine
Christopher F. Parmeter
Data-Driven Model Evaluation: A Test for Revealed Performance
2012-14 Chao Wang Mandatory Universal Drug Plan, Access to Health Care and Health:
Evidence from Quebec, Canada
(rev. 04/13)
Seungjin Han Implicit Collusion in Non-Exclusive Contracting under Adverse Selection

2011 Working Papers:

2011-01 Jeremiah Hurley
Emmanouil Mentzakis
Existence and Magnitude of Health-related Externalities: Evidence from a Choice Experiment
(rev. 04/11)

Christopher M. Gunn
Alok Johri

News, Intermediation Efficiency and Expectations-driven Boom-bust Cycles
2011-03 Alok Johri
Marc-Andre Letendre
Daqing Luo
Organizational Capital and the International Co-movement of Investment
(rev. 10/11)
Christopher M. Gunn From growth to cycles through beliefs
2011-05 Stuart Mestelman The Voluntary Provision of Public Goods When Individuals are Heterogeneous with Respect to Income and Preferences and Equity May Matter
2011-06 Shintaro Yamaguchi Tasks and Heterogeneous Human Capital
2011-07 Martin D. Dooley
A. Abigail Payne
A. Leslie Robb
The Impact of Cost on the Choice of University: Evidence from Ontario
2011-08 Martin D. Dooley
A. Abigail Payne
A. Leslie Robb
Persistence and Academic Success in University
2011-09 Alok Johri
Bidyut Kumar Talukdar
Organizational Capital and Optimal Ramsey Taxation

2010 Working Papers:

2010-01   David Card
Martin Dooley
A. Abigail Payne

  School Competition and Efficiency with Publicly Funded Catholic Schools
2010-02   John Leach
A. Abigail Payne
Steve Chan
  The Effects of School Board Consolidation and Financing on Student Performance
(rev. 03/13)
  Seungjin Han   Asymmetric First-Price Menu Auctions under Intricate Uncertainty
(rev. 06/12)
  Seungjin Han   On Take It or Leave It Offers in Common Agency
Alok Johri
Marc-André Letendre       Daqing Luo

  Organizational Capital and the International Co-movement of Investment
2010-06   Emmanouil Mentzakis
Stuart Mestelman
  Hypothetical and convenience sample biases in value orientations ring games
2010-07   Neil J. Buckley
Stuart Mestelman
R. Andrew Muller
Stephan Schott
Jingjing Zhang
  Effort Provision and Communication in Teams Competing over the Commons
2010-08   James Andreoni
A. Abigail Payne
  Is Crowding Out Due Entirely to Fundraising? Evidence from a Panel of Charities

2009 Working Papers:


Jeremiah Hurley
Neil Buckley
Kate Cuff
Mita Giacomini
David Cameron
Preferences over the Fair Division of Goods: Information, Good, and Sample Effects in a Health Context
(rev. 11/09)
Christopher M. Gunn
Alok Johri
News and Knowledge Capital
2009-03 Kiridaran Kanagaretnam
Stuart Mestelman
S.M.Khalid Nainar
Mohamed Shehata
Trust and Reciprocity with Transparency and Repeated Interactions
2009-04 David Goodwin
Stuart Mestelman
Quantity Precommitment with Price Competition versus
Quantity Precommitment with Market Clearing Prices in the Laboratory
2009-05 Roman M. Sheremeta
Jingjing Zhang
Can Groups Solve the Problem of Overbidding in Contests?

2009-06 Jingjing Zhang Communication in Asymmetric Group Competition over Public Goods

2009-07 Roman M. Sheremeta
Jingjing Zhang
A Laboratory Study of a Multi-Level Trust Game with Communication

2009-08 Jingjing Zhang
Marco Casari
How Groups Reach Agreement in Risky Choices: An Experiment

(rev. 12/09)
Timothy N. Cason
Roman M. Sheremeta
Jingjing Zhang
Reducing Efficiency through Communication in Competitive Coordination Games

2009-10 Paul Contoyannis
Martin Dooley
The Role of Child Health and Economic Status in Educational, Health and Labour Market Outcomes in Young Adulthood
2009-11 Martin Dooley
Cesar Furtado
The Impact of ESL Funding Restrictions on Student Academic Achievement

2009-12 Martin D. Dooley
A. Abigail Payne
A. Leslie Robb
Merit-Aid and the Distribution of Entering Students Across Ontario Universities

2009-13 Shintaro Yamaguchi Formation of Heterogeneous Skills and Wage Growth

2009-14 Katherine Cuff
Nicolas Marceau
Steeve Mongrain
Joanne Roberts
Optimal Policies and the Informal Sector

(rev. 12/09)
Neil Buckley
Stuart Mestelman
R. Andrew Muller
Stephan Schott
Jingjing Zhang
Shut Up and Fish: The Role of Communication when Output-Sharing is used to Manage a Common Pool Resource
2009-16 Kiridaran Kanagaretnam
Stuart Mestelman
Khalid Nainar
Mohamed Shehata
The Impact of Empowering Investors on Trust and Trustworthiness

2009-17 Keqiang Hou
Alok Johri
Intangible Capital, Corporate Earnings and the Business Cycle

 2009-18  Marco Casari
Christine Jackson
Jingjing Zhange
 Do Groups Fall Prey to the Winner's Curse


2008 Working Papers:

2008-01 John Leach Equalization Payments in a Bargaining Model of Tax Competition
2008-02 Andrew J. Clarke
Alok Johri
Pro-cyclical Solow Residuals without Technology Shocks
2008-03 Shintaro Yamaguchi Career Progression and Comparative Advantage
2008-04 Alok Johri
Amartya Lahiri
Persistent Real Exchange Rates
2008-05 Jason M. Fletcher
Jody L. Sindelar
Shintaro Yamaguchi
Cumulative Effects of Job Characteristics on Health
2008-06 Kiridaran Kanagaretnam
Stuart Mestelman
Khalid Nainar
Mohamed Shehata
The Impact of Social Value Orientation and Risk Attitudes on Trust and Reciprocity

2007 Working Papers:

2004 Working Papers:

2004-01 Jason Childs and Stuart
Rate of Return Parity in Experimental Asset
2004-02 Stuart Mestelman Partners and strangers in non-linear public
goods environments
2004-03 Martin Boileau and
Marc-André Letendre
Inventories, Sticky Prices and the Propagation
of Nominal Shocks
2004-04 Thomas Crossley and
Hamish Low
When Might Unemployment Insurance Matter?
2004-05 Neil J. Buckley Short-Run Implications of Cap-and-Trade versus
Baseline-and-Credit Emission Trading Plans:
Experimental Evidence
2004-06 Thomas F. Crossley and
Yuqian Lu
Exploring the Returns-to-Scale in Food
2004-07 Neil J. Buckley, S.
Mestelman, R. Andrew
Implications of Alternative Emission Trading
Plans: Experimental Evidence
2004-08 V.U. Trivedi, M. Shehata,
S. Mestelman
Attitudes, Incentives and Tax Compliance
2004-09 David Bjerk The Differing Nature of Black-White Wage
Inequality Across Employment Sectors
2004-10  David Bjerk  Youth Criminal Participation and Household Economic Status
2004-11  David Bjerk Racial Profiling, Statistical Discrimination, and the Effect of a Colorblind Policy on the Crime
2004-12  David Bjerk Making the Crime Fit the Penalty: The Role of
Prosecutorial Discretion Under Mandatory
Minimum Sentencing 
2004-13 Mario Jametti and Thomas
von Ungern-Sternberg 
 Disaster Insurance or a Disastrous Insurance -
Natural Disaster Insurance in France
2004-14 Marius Brülhart and Mario
 Vertical Versus Horizontal Tax Externalities: An
Empirical Test
2004-15  Matt Brzozowski Welfare Reforms and the Living Standards of
Single Mothers: Evidence from Canadian
2004-16 Naeem Ahmed, Matthew
Brzozowski and Thomas F
Measurement Error in Recall Food Expenditure 
2004-17  Lindsay M. Tedds  Nonparametric expenditure-based estimation of
income under-reporting and the underground
2004-18  Lindsay M. Tedds  The Impact of Social Value Orientation and Risk Attitudes on Trust and Reciprocity
2004-19  Sung-Hee Jeon  The impacts of the 1988 tax reform on married
women's labour supply in Canada


2002 Working Papers:

2002-01 M-A. Letendre Semi-Parametric Predictions of the Intertemporal Approach to the Current Account
2002-02 M-A. Letendre The Effect of Restricting Asset Trade in Dynamic Equilibrium Models
2002-03 Fransisco M. Ganzalez and Alok Johri Asymmetric Labor Adjustment, Organizational Capital and Aggregate Job Flows
2002-04 Deborah Cobb-Clark and Thomas F. Crossley Revisiting the Family Investment Hypothesis
2002-05 Stephen R.G. Jones and W. Craig Riddell Unemployment and Non-Employment: Heterogeneities in Labour Market States
2002-06 Stephen Schott, Neil Buckley, Stuart Mestelman, R. Andrew Muller Output Sharing Among Groups Exploiting Common Pool Resources
(rev. 08/03)
David Goodwin and Stuart Mestelman Advance Production Duopolies and Posted Prices or Market-Clearing Prices
(rev. 04/03)
Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff and Nicolas Marceau Agglomeration Effects and the Competition for Firms
2002-09 Thomas F. Crossley and Krishna Pendakur Consumption Inequality
2002-10 John Burbidge and Katherine Cuff Capital Tax Competition and Returns to Scale
2002-11 Lonnie Magee and Michael R. Veall Allocating Awards Across Noncomparable Categories
2002-12 Paul Contoyannis, Andrew M. Jones and Nigel Rice Simulation-based Inference in Dynamic Panel Probit Models: an Application to Health
2002-13 Paul Contoyannis, Andrew M. Jones and Roberto Leon-Gonzalez Using Simulation-based Inference with Panel Data in Health Economics
(rev. 07/04)
Martin Browning, Thomas F. Crossley and Eric Smith Asset Accumulation and Short Term Employment
2002-15 (rev. 07/03)

Bruce Chapman, Thomas F. Crossley and Taejong Kim Credit Constraints and Training after Job Loss

2001 Working Papers:

2001-01         J.B. Burbidge                 Awkward Moments in Teaching Public Finance:
John F Graham Lecture at the Atlantic Canada Economics Association Annual Meetings 
2001-02         R.A. Muller 
A.L. Robb 
A. Diener
                Inferring Willingness-to-Pay for Health Attributes of Air Quality Using Information on ranking of Alternatives and Cognitive Ability of Respondents
2001-03         A. Johri 
M-A. Letendre
                Labour Market Dynamics in RBC Models
2001-04         R. Boadway 
K. Cuff 
M. Marchand
                Equalization and the Decentralization of Revenue-Raising in a Federation
(rev. 09/03)
        M. Bilodeau
J. Childs
S. Mestelman
                Volunteering a Public Service: An Experimental Investigation
2001-06         K. S. Chan S. Mestelman
R. Moir R. A. Muller
                Heterogeneity, Communication, Coordination and Voluntary Provision of a Public Good
2001-07         M. Browning                 Which Demand Elasticities Do We Know and Which Do We Need to Know for Policy Analysis?

2000 Working Papers:

2000-01         Yorgos Y. Papageorgiou
David Pines
                Externalities, Indivisibility, Nonreplicability and Agglomeration
2000-02         R Cooper
Alok Johri
                Learning by Doing and Aggregate Fluctuations
2000-03         Neil Buckley 
Kenneth S. Chan 
James Chowhan 
Stuart Mestelman
Mohamed Shehata
                Value Orientations, Income and Displacement Effects, and Voluntary Contributions 
McEEL working paper
2000-04         Donald Dawson
Lonnie Magee
                The National Hockey League Entry Draft, 1969-1995: 
An Application of a Weighted Pool-Adjacent-Violators Algorithm
2000-05         John B Burbidge
Gordon M Myers
                Tariff Wars and Trade Deals with Costly Government
2000-06         Alok Johri
John Leach
                Middlemen and the Allocation of Heterogeneous Goods


1999-1985 Working Papers:

1999-13         R. Andrew Muller                 Emissions trading without a quantity constraint:
Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics]
Study Group 9th Annual Meeting, University of Alberta, Oct. 2-3, 1999
1999-12         R. Andrew Muller
Stuart Mestelman
John Spraggon
Rob Godby
                Can auctions control market power in emissions trading markets
McEEL working paper 
1999-11         Neil Buckley
Stuart Mestelman
Mohamed Shehata
                Subsidizing Public Inputs
McEEL working paper
1999-10         J. Lavis
Greg Stoddart
                Social Cohesion and Health
CHEPA discussion paper
1999-09         Paul Grootendorst
David Feeney
W.  Furlong
                Evidence of Construct Validity for Stoke and
 Arthritis in a Population Health Survey
CHEPA discussion paper 
1999-08         William Scarth                 Alternatives for Raising Living Standards
QSEP and SEDAP working paper
1999-07         James Andreoni
Eleanor Brown
Isaac  C. Rischall
                Charitable Giving by Married Couples:  Who
Decides and Why Does it Matter?
CILN working paper
1999-06         Susan Johnson                

Automatic Certification or Mandatory Representation Votes?
How the choice of union recognition procedure affects union
certification success.
CILN working paper

1999-05         Herbert Schuetze
Peter Kuhn
                Self-Employment Dynamics and Self-Employment Trends:
A Study of Canadian Men and Women, 1982-1995.
CILN working paper
1999-04         Michael R. Veall                 Did Tax Flattening Affect RRSP Contributions? 
QSEP and SEDAP working paper
1999-03         Frank T. Denton
Byron G. Spencer
                Population Aging and Its Costs: A Survey of the
Issues and Evidence 
QSEP and SEDAP working paper
1999-02         David Bjerk                 Making the Crime Fit the Penalty: The Role of
Prosecutorial Discretion Under Mandatory
Minimum Sentencing
1999-01         M. W. Luke Chan
Dading Li, Dean C. Mountain
                A Bayesian Approach for Measuring Economies
of Scale with Application to Large Scale Banks
QSEP working paper
1998-08         Syed Ahmad                 The Flow and Ebb in Mixter's Treatment of Rae
1998-07         E.H. Oksanen                 Some Least Squares Results Without Least Squares Algebra
1998-06         JoAnn Kingston-Riechers                 The Association Between Socio-Economic Characteristics
and the Frequency of Wife Assault
1998-05         JoAnn Kingston-Riechers                 The Association Between the Frequency of Wife Assault
and Marital Dissolution
1998-04         Kenneth S. Chan, Stuart
Mestelman, Rob Moir,
R. Andrew Muller
                Heterogeneity and the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods
1998-03         Kenneth S. Chan, Rob Godby,
Stuart Mestelman, R. Andrew Muller
                Crowding Out Voluntary Contributions to Public Goods
1998-02         Pierre Lefebvre,
Philip Merrigan and Martin Dooley
                Lone Female Headship and Welfare Policy in Canada
1998-01         John Spraggon                 Exogenous Targeting Instruments as a Solution
to Group Moral Hazards

1997-07         Kenneth S. Chan,
Stuart Mestelman,
R. Andrew Muller
                Three Essays in Experimental Economics:
Market Performance, Voluntary Contributions
to Public Goods, and Emission Permit Trading
1997-02         Martin J. Osborne,
Ariel Rubinstein
                Games with Procedurally Rational Players
1997-01         Gordon M Myers and
Yorgos Y Papageorgiou
                Immigration Control and the Welfare State
1996-14         John B. Burbidge, James A.
DePater, Gordon M. Myers
and Abhijit Sengupta
                A Coalition-formation Approach to Equilibrium
Federations and Trading Blocks
1996-08         H Falk B Lynn S Mestelman
 M Shehata
                Self-Interested Behaviour and Ethics:
The Case for Auditor Independence
1996-07         L Magee A.L. Robb
J.B. Burbidge
                Estimating Regression Models Using
Survey Sample Weights
1996-06         Andrew Muller,
Michelle Vickers
                Communication in a Common Pool Resource
Environment with Probabilistic Destruction
1996-04         Martin Browning
and Thomas Crossley
                Unemployment Insurance Benefit Levels
and Consumption Changes
1995-10         Jamie Brown-Kruse,
Steven R Elliot and
Rob Godby
                Strategic Manipulation of Pollution Permit
Markets: An Experimental Approach
1995-06         Martin Browning and
Annamaria Lusardi
                Household Saving: Micro Theories
and Micro Facts
1995-04         Martin J. Osborne, Al
                A Model of Political Competition with
1994-10         Syed Ahmad                 John Rae (1834), Schumpeter (1911)
and Amsden (1989) on Technical Change
and Economic Development
1994-07         Martin Browning and
Pierre-Andre Chiappori
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