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Introduction to Statistics

An introduction to basic statistical concepts and their application to the analysis of data from the social sciences. The use of spreadsheets is emphasized. Fall 2020: C01&C02 Lectures: mixed asynchronous and synchronous Tutorials: no Exams: mixed asynchronous and synchronous


Unit(s): 3.0 Level(s): II Term(s): Winter, Fall Offered?: Yes Language?: No

Rizwan Tahir

Assistant Professor

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above of Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology, Music (Music Cognition), Cognitive Science of Language or a Social Sciences program Antirequisite(s): COMMERCE 2QA3, EARTH SC 2MB3, ECON 2B03, GEOG 2MB3, NURSING 2R03 Not open to students with credit or registration in: ECON 3O06, ECON 3U03, HTH SCI 1F03, HTH SCI 2A03, KINESIOL 3C03, PNB 2XE3, PNB 3XE3, POL SCI 2F06, POL SCI 3N06, PSYCH 2RA3, 2RB3, SOCIOL 3H06 or any Level II, III or IV statistics course. *As of Fall 2018, SocSci 2J03 is no longer considered equivalent to Econ 2B03*