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Research SNAPS

To learn more about the research we do in Economics, browse our research snaps. Snaps are short, readable summaries of what we do, what we discover, and why it matters.

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Google Scholar Citations

Please click here for Google Scholar Citations of the department members with public profiles on Google Scholar.

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Working Paper Series

Department of Economics Working Papers

All of our working papers are accessible online and may be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free here. To submit a paper for publication in the Department of Economics Working Paper Series, please email  a pdf file of your paper, together with JEL classification numbers and Keywords if you wish to list them.

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The Department Working Papers on RePec

  • Our working papers are listed on RePEc (Research Papers in Economics). Please click here. The list of the department members on RePec is also available there.

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CHEPA Working Paper Series

The CHEPA working paper series is maintained by the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis and includes many papers by members of the Department of Economics.

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McEEL Publications

The McMaster Experimental Economics Laboratory list publications and working papers of both faculty and students working here at McMaster University.

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QSEP Research Report Series

Research Institute for Quantitative Studies in Economics and Population (list from 1996 - present)

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SEDAP Research Paper Series

Research Program on the Social and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population (list from 1999 - present)


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Other Research Initiatives:

the Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario Research Alliance (PEPSO)

What is the Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario Research Alliance?

This CURA will satisfy a research need identified by the UWT, and other community agencies, to gather data on trends in precarious employment and to encourage policy debate. Much of the evidence regarding precarious employment and its impact on households and communities is anecdotal and, without solid quantitative research, it has been impossible to influence public policy.  The potential impact of the project is significant in that it offers a new way of understanding the implications of poverty in contemporary Canadian society by looking at one of its root causes, namely precarious employment. The project will leave a legacy of enhanced community capacity to conduct research and to advocate on behalf of those most affected by changing labour market dynamics.

Learn more about PEPSO...