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Job Candidates

Ph.D. Job Candidates


Philip S.J. Leonard
PhD Thesis Committee: Abigail Payne (Supervisor), Martin Dooley, Stephen Jones
Post-Doctoral Supervisor: Arthur Sweetman
Fields: Labour, Econometrics

Qing Li (Felix)
PhD Thesis Committee: Arthur Sweetman (Supervisor), Jerry Hurley, Lonnie Magee
Fields: Health, Econometrics

Joel Wagner
PhD Thesis Committee: Marc-Andre Letendre (Supervisor), Alok Johri and William Scarth
Fields: Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics

Wei Yang
PhD Thesis Committee: Mike Veall (Supervisor), Lonnie Magee, Arthur Sweetman
Post-Doctoral Supervisor: Byron Spencer
Fields: Public, Econometrics





For more information please contact Arthur Sweetman


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