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Philip DeCicca

Philip DeCicca

Associate Professor

Research Associate, NBER

Associate Editor, Health Economics

Associate Editor, Journal of Health Economics

Department Faculty

  • Department of Economics
    Kenneth Taylor Hall, Rm 422
    McMaster University
    1280 Main Street West
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    L8S 4M4

  • 905-525-9140 ext. 24129
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Areas of Interest


Research Interests: Health Economics, Labour Economics, Public Economics


  • Ph.D. University of Michigan 2005



ECON 4A03- Honours Seminar Economics- Winter 2016

ECON 773- Winter 2016

ECON 793- Winter 2016

Office Hours: By Appointment


Recent Publications:

DeCicca, Philip, Kenkel, Donald S. and Feng Liu (2013). Who pays cigarette taxes? Evidence from consumer search behavior, Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(2)

DeCicca, Philip, Kenkel, Donald S. and Feng Liu (2013). Excise tax avoidance: The case of state cigarette taxes, Journal of Health Economics, 32(6): 1130-1141

DeCicca, Philip and Justin Smith (2013). The long-run impacts of early childhood education: Evidence from a failed policy experiment, Economics of Education Review, 36: 41-59

Li, Jinhu, Hurley, Jeremiah, DeCicca, Philip and Gioia Buckley (2013). Physician response to pay-for-performance: Evidence from a natural experiment, forthcoming in Health Economics.


Working Papers:

DeCicca, Philip and Cong Li (2014). Cigarette excise taxes and older adult smoking: New evidence that taxes matter, Revise and resubmit requested.

DeCicca, Philip, Kenkel, Donald S. and Feng Liu (2014). Reservation prices: An economic analysis of cigarette purchases on Indian reservations, Revise and resubmit requested.

DeCicca, Philip and Donald S. Kenkel (2014). Synthesizing econometric evidence: the case of demand elasticity estimates, Revise and resubmit requested

DeCicca, Philip (2014). Health insurance availability and entrepreneurship, Under review.

DeCicca Philip and Cong Li (2014). Do higher cigarette taxes lead smokers to lose (self) control?, Under review.

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