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A. Abigail Payne
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A. Abigail Payne


Director, Public Economics Data Analysis Laboratory

Kenneth Taylor Hall, Rm 415
Department of Economics
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON L8S 4M4
Office Fax: 905-521-8232

Work: 905-525-9140 ext. 23814


  1. Ph.D. Princeton University 1995
  2. J.D. Cornell Law School 1986
  3. B.A. Denison University 1983



ECON 733 - Fall 2013

ECON 774 - Winter 2014

ECON 798 - Winter 2014

Research Interests: Public Economics, Law and Economics, Economics of Education, Economics of Charities

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Selected Sample of Recent Research Papers 

“Charitable Giving,” with James Andreoni, chapter for the Handbook of Public Economics, Alan Auerbach, Raj Chetty, Martin Feldstein, and Emmanuel Saez, editors, (Fall 2013)

“Government Funding and Private Charitable Donations: The Canadian Experience,” Research in Public Policy Issue 16, Centre for Markets and Public Organisations, University of Bristol, Autumn 2013

“Implementation of Anti-Discrimination Policy: Does Judicial Selection Matter?” with Timothy Besley, American Law and Economic Review 15(1):212-251, Spring 2013

"Changing Landscapes for Charities in Canada: Where Should We Go?" October 2012, School of Public Policy Research Report, University of Calgary December 2012

“The Impact of Scholarships and Bursaries on Persistence and Academic Success in University,” with Martin Dooley and Leslie Robb, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario Research Report, January 2013

“Persistence and Academic Success in University,” with Martin Dooley and Les Robb, Canadian Public Policy 38(3): 315-337, September 2012

 “The Impact of Cost on the Choice of University,” with Martin Dooley and Les Robb, Canadian Journal of Economics 45(2):755-783, May 2012

“Understanding the Gender Gap in University Participation: An Exploration of the Application Behaviour of Ontario High School Students,” with David Card and Cristina Sechel, research report published by Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, August 2011

"Is Crowding Out Due Entirely to Fundraising? Evidence from a Panel of Charities," with James Andreoni, Journal of Public Economics, 95(5-6): 334-343, June 2011.

“Understanding the Determinants of Persistence and Academic Success in University: An Exploration of Data from Four Ontario Universities,” with Martin Dooley and Leslie Robb, research report published by Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, June 2011

"School Competition and Efficiency with Publicly-Funded Catholic Schools," with David Card and Martin Dooley, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2(4), October 2010 (see also NBER working paper #14176)

"The Effects of School Board Consolidation and Financing on Student Performance," with Steve Chan and Jack Leach, Economics of Education Review, 29(6):1034-1046, December 2010

"Government Oversight of Organizations Engaged in Multiple Activities: Do Centralized Performance Schemes Encourage Quantity or Quality?" with Joanne Roberts, Review of Economics and Statistics, February 2010.

"Competition and Student Performance," In Economics of Education, Editors Brewer, D.J. and McEwen P.J., Amsterdam: Elsevier AND International Encyclopedia of Education, Baker, D., McGaw, B. & Peterson, P., editors, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2010

E-Brief on Charitable Donations, C.D. Howe institute, December 2009.

"University Participation and Income Differences: An Analysis of Applications by Ontario Secondary School Students," with Martin Dooley and Les Robb, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, September 2009.

"Does Government Funding Change Behavior? An Empirical Analysis of Crowd Out," NBER Tax Policy and the Economy, 2009.

"An Open and Shut Case: Catholic and Public School Choices in Ontario," with Martin Dooley and David Card, C.D. Howe Institute Backgrounder, October 2008.

"Government Grants to Private Charities: Do They Crowd-Out Giving or Fund-raising?" with James Andreoni, American Economic Review, 2003.

"School Finance Reform, the Distribution of School Spending, and the Distribution of SAT Scores," with David Card, Journal of Public Economics, 2002.

Working Papers

"Crowding Oot: The Effect of Government Grants on Donors, Fundraisers, and Foundations in Canada" (previously titled "Crowding-Out Charitable Contributions in Canada: New Knowledge from the North," NBER Working Paper #17635), with James Andreoni, June 2013

“Diversity and Donations: The Effect of Religious and Ethnic Diversity on Charitable Giving,” NBER Working Paper #176118, with James Andreoni, Justin Smith, and David Karp, May 2013, in submission

Recent Research Grants

SSHRC, Partnership Development Grant, 2013-2015, “Community Prosperity: Understanding How Charities Engage and Affect Canadian Communities,” with Rose Anne Devlin (co-investigator), Ross Hickey (collaborator), Susan Phillips (collaborator)

SSHRC, Partnership Development Grant, 2013-2015, “Hamilton Urban Youth Project,” with Elizabeth Dhuey (Principal Investigator)

SSHRC, Insight Development Grant, 2013-2015, co-applicant, “The Effect of Income Inequality on Charitable Giving,” with Justin Smith (Principal Investigator)

SSHRC, Insight Development Grant, 2013-2015, co-applicant, "An Exploration of Charitable Organizations,” with Ross Hickey (Principal Investigator)

ESRC, 2013-2014, co-investigator, “Maximising the Impact of Online Fundraising,” with Sarah Smith (Principal Investigator)

Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, 2010-2012, "Exploring Accessibility and Persistence in Postsecondary Education Among Ontario Students Using Linked Administrative Data Sets," principal investigator


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