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Economics studies the decision making processes of individuals, governments and businesses and how these economic agents interact.

It provides a systematic way to think about the world to help understanding it. For example, how can the Bank of Canada influence inflation? How is a government taxation policy influencing how many hours individuals work? Why are some countries richer than others? What factors provoke changes in income inequality?

Economics is relevant for everything from financial markets to public policies to our daily lives.

McMaster’s economics program is one of the best in Canada. Current faculty members are leading researchers in all major areas of economics and former economics undergraduates at Mac have gone on to outstanding careers in academics, law, finance, politics and industry. One was President and CEO of Tim Hortons. Another was Chair of the Department of Economics at Yale. One has even won the Nobel Prize in Economics!


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The Economics department offers

  • Minor in Economics
  • B.A. in Economics
  • B.A. Honours in Economics
  • NEW **B.A. Honours-Specialist in Economics Option**
  • A variety of combined programs

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Marc-Andre Letendre

Associate Professor | Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Economics

Many Pathways to a Degree

Economics is divided in many different fields as demonstrated by our extensive list of courses. There are many degree programs for you to choose from. There are many directions you can take once you have your degree. Answers to many frequently asked questions are provided in these pages. Answers not provided can be found by consulting an Academic Counselor or by e-mailing the undergraduate economic assistant at or myself at

Best wishes for a very successful program at McMaster.

Professor Marc-André Letendre
Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Economics

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Fellowship, Scholarships and Awards

Economics students are eligible for more than fifteen Scholarships and Awards.

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